Transforming Leadership

At GiANT Impact, we’re changing the way leadership is being viewed, practiced, and experienced. By creating leadership events, tools, and content, we equip organizations and communities with the kind of leaders that will make a difference in their world. Our approach to leadership is all about character, competence, and influence.

GiANT Values

GiANT Values

Character = Healthy

Character starts with integrity; doing what we say we will do. Unwavering character yields trust with our clients and community. True impact cannot happen without character that leads to trust.

Competence = Productive

Competence is using knowledge, wisdom, skills and innovation to build credibility with our customers. When we use our competencies to work in service to others, we become more relevant to our customers.

Influence = Fruitful

Influence is being significant and memorable in our impact. We use influence internally and externally as a calling, with vigor and humility.

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